Session/Theme Speaker Date Time


Session  1: 

Changing Dimensions of Parliamentary Library and Information Services in the Third Millennium

     (Country Papers presented)

Mr. G.C. Malhotra,         Secretary-General,
Lok Sabha

19.1.2005 1030 hrs.

Session  2: 

Research and Reference Services for Members

 (Country Papers presented)

Ms. Katherine Close,
International Documents Manager,
Parliament Library,
Parliament of New Zealand  

19.1.2005 1400 hrs.


Session  3: 

Library Services for Members



Ms. Roslynn Membrey Assistant Secretary, Library Resources & Media Services, Australian Parliament Library, Australia & Secretary of APLAP





1030 hrs.

Session - 4

Bringing Parliament nearer to the People - Communicating Parliament


Mr. N.K. Sapra,
Joint Srecretary, 
Lok Sabha Secretariat,

21.1.2005 1400 hrs.

Session - 5

IT in Parliamentary Library and Information Services Library Services

(Country Papers presented)

Dr. Karl-Min Ku, 
Chief Secretary,
Education and Culture Committee,
Legislative Yuan,
Chinese Taipei & 
Vice President of APLAP


21.1.2005 1600 hrs.

Session - 6

Changing Dimensions of Library and Information Services in India

(Country Papers presented)


Dr. Jagdish Arora,
Indian Institute of Technology,
New Delhi

22.1.2005 1000 hrs.